Competition - How Do I Edit Share Of Voice?

Modified on: 2014-11-14 14:28:54 -0600

  1. Visit Reputation Intelligence for the required account by following these steps:
    • Visit the Partner Central dashboard at
    • Click the “Accounts” tab
    • Search for the account you want to manage
    • Select the Reputation Intelligence icon next to the account you want to modify
  2. Click “Competition” on the menu bar at the top
  3. Click “Edit Services and Competitors” to reveal the settings
  4. Under “Services,” enter up to three services your customer offers and to which they would want their brand to be associated
  5. Under “Competitors” you can modify existing competitor names or add new ones in case you haven’t used up all four already — for best results, remember to use names that you think people commonly use to refer to your competitors, not necessarily the official names of those businesses (e.g. ‘Pattys Bar and Grill’ might be commonly referred to as ‘Pattys’)

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