I want a website. Where do I start?

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Parts of a Website

If websites are a new concept for you, start here.

What is a website?

A website is a group of pages that contain information, such as text images, etc. The main page is called a homepage and the rest are called sub-pages. Webpages are connected by hyperlinks. Hyperlinks are areas on a page, usually text, that take you to other locations on the page, different pages, or even another website when clicked.

Web pages are created in a language called HTML. HTML tells web browsers, such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, how the webpages should be displayed and formatted. Don't know HTML? No Problem. That is why Small Screen Producer is here!  We build websites for a living and we build them so that you can easily make changes to your site long after your site has been launched.

What is hosting?

When you have a website ready, and want other people to see it, you'll have to publish it on a web hosting service. Web hosting services are best imagined like a landlord they provide you a space at a monthly fee. Its important to remember the cheapest landlords don't' always provide the best spaces. Its important for your new website to be fast and functional. That is why we recommend you pic a hosting package from a well known company.

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