Testing Automation Tasks

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Testing Automation Tasks can be a little tricky. Not to fear! This support article is all about best practices for creating great tests. Before we get started you should be aware of two facts about SharpSpring.

1. SharpSpring uses browser cookies to track the behavior of visitors
2. By Default, emails in SharpSpring can only be sent to a recipient once to prevent unintentional repeats.

(Note: If you have not finished creating an Automation Task yet than this support article is just for you.)

Three Strategies for Testing Automation Tasks

Clear Your Cookies

As a SharpSpring user chances are your information is stored in Contact Manager. Your page visits, memberships, form fill-outs and more are tracked and added to your profile. This can create confusing outcomes while testing. Consider the following Trigger:

  • When a contact visits the page http://sharpspring.com 1 time exactly

I'm a SharpSpring employee and I created this Trigger as part of an Automation Task. I'm ready to test but when I visit SharpSpring nothing happens. What gives? The problem here is that I am stored as a contact in SharpSpring and I've already sharpspring.com more than "exactly" one time.  

The solution is simple, go to your browser settings and clear your cookies. SharpSpring will then treat you like a first-time visitor and you can now simulate how your Automation Task will work with fresh set of leads.

Set Emails to Repeatable

If you'll be testing an Automation Task more than once it's a good idea to set your emails to repeatable. As we know by default SharpSpring emails can only be sent to a recipient one time. Overriding this preset only takes a minute and we go over all the necessary steps in detail here.

Send Email to New Recipients

The more the merrier (and greater the statistical significance).  At SharpSpring, we like to test Automation Tasks with coworkers because two brains really are better than one. Get valuable feedback from your awesome teammates as you trial your Automation Task with various browsers, computers and contacts. Keep the two facts up top in mind, though, and keep an eye out for unexpected outcomes.

You should now have a better understanding on the best practices for testing Workflows. As always, if you have questions or concerns, send an email to partnersupport@sharpspring.com.

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