Adding Dynamic Web Content

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Dynamic Web Content enables you to change the page that is served on your site based on a visitor's characteristics. A lead visits your site for the first time? Provide them a white paper or educational document.  A visitor's Lead Score indicates they are ready to buy? Offer an instant discount to close the deal.  The possibilities are truly endless. In this support article we'll get started with Dynamic Web Content by adding to SharpSpring's tracking code.

Note: You will need to have some basic experience manipulating Javascript code to enable Dynamic Web Content.

Adding Dynamic Web Content to the SharpSpring Tracking Code

Adding Dynamic Web Content is as simple as adding the following snippet to SharpSpring's tracking code on your site. 

In order to create the Dynamic Content for a lead, you will need to insert the  "callThisOnReturn" function to the tracking code. The function receives a response object with a "lead" object inside that will contain all of the standard lead fields including lead name, email address, score, company, date created and any custom fields attributed to the lead. Documentation Dynamic Web Content can be found here.

You should now have a better understanding on how to utilize Dynamic Web Content to reach every lead. As always, if you have any questions or concerns send us an email at

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